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Corporate Culture
About Handler

The Story Begins Here...

  • Take the lead in professional achievements, and honestly create social well-being.

    We are committed to the intelligent equipment manufacturing to strive to be industry expert and pioneer. We are engaged in all activities in good faith to be the creator of social well-being.

  • Make Handler become a leader in the intelligent equipment manufacturing!

  • Integrity, Innovation, Faster and Stronger!

  • We adhere to the business philosophy of “customer's success as our mission”.

    We advocate the style of “honest man, and earnest work”.

    “Honesty, trust and mutual respect” are the foundation for all our activities.

    “Crisis awareness, innovative spirit, teamwork, good at authorization and commitment” are the backbones for our career success.

    “Value embodiment” and “harmony” are the pillars for our business.

    “Customer success” is the goal of our struggle.

  • We closely keep up with the international advanced technology, and guide the domestic industry technology development trends to strive to provide customers with top quality products and services, thus enabling customers to achieve success and happiness.

    We actively explore both domestic and international markets, concentrate on the intelligent equipment manufacturing field, and manage to transform the traditional industries by high technology and promote industrial development by technology progress.

    We endeavor to build a model working environment, and a harmonious corporate atmosphere full of trust and respect.

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